Featured Artist for December 2019 – Craig Baltzer


My name is Craig Baltzer and I am from Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

I consider myself to be a visual artist with my hands in many pots; painter, photographer and sketch artist. I attended NSCADU from 1999 to the summer of 2005. I spent much of my time drawing and photographing around the city with frequent road trips to rural areas exploring abandoned farms and landscape as well as my grandparents property that would be a reoccurring theme in both my photography and painting. I decided to major in photography and studied works by early twentieth century photographers such as Walker Evans, Wright Morris, Lee Friedlander and Paul Strand just to name a few.

My interest in the passage of time, anthropological study of our global environment have had great impact in the way I see visual art as a tool to interpret my response to it.

My works primary focus stems from local history, urban and rural landscape with elements of nostalgia and family genealogical study.

For the majority of my art practice documentary photography and illustration/vintage graphic design have largely influenced the aesthetic behind my work. The need to document my surroundings and the changes unfolding around my environment have led me to further study in an anthropological approach. The photographic work of Walker Evans and Paul Strand have been two of the strongest sources of inspiration for my compositions in drawing and painting.

My current work is a conglomerate of different sources; family photographs and instant photography- creating a unique narrative with dreamlike and nostalgic elements that draw you into a sense of fleeting time and memories that have shaped our current existence.