Featured Artist for December 2020 – Catherine Bagnell Styles

Passionately Nova Scotian, Catherine Bagnell Styles paints, mostly on weekends, in a light-filled studio in stunning Ketch Harbour, about 30 minutes outside of Halifax. Since childhood, Catherine has ‘played’ with art – pastels, drawing, textiles, etc. and design has been an important part of her career in marketing, advertising and communications. A combination of luck, timing and a ‘significant birthday’ led her to painting 12 years ago. She has since studied with David Lacey, Sandi Komst, Mike Svob, Bob Burridge and Linda Kemp.

Her work is primarily landscapes with the occasional still life. She is inspired most by the impressionists and Group of Seven and paints most frequently with acrylic and palette knife. Colour and texture feature prominently in her work, which has found homes in private collections throughout Canada, the US and can be purchased through Argyle Fine Art in Halifax. Her favourite quote comes from Edgar Degas who is credited with saying “A painting requires a little mystery, some vagueness, and some fantasty”