Featured Artist for July 2019 – Angelika Lewandowski

Angelika Lewandowski or Teardrops from Heaven Art as she prefers to be known as is a self-taught artist born in Naleczow, Poland. She immigrated to Canada as a teenage in 1994. In 2002 along with her husband, daughter and parents she relocated from Ontario to Nova Scotia and has been living here since. She uses acrylics, mica pigments, and inks mixed in resin. Her current favourite style of painting is called flow art. Her fluid art journey began in 2017 after the tragic loss of her husband in an accident; thus all of her art is dedicated to his memory. Suffering from grief, depression and PTSD she finds solace in expressing her emotions on a canvas.

She is a member of Nova Scotia Society of Polish Artists, a non-profit organizations that organizes fundraisers few times a year. Her recent work was exhibited at the Chase Gallery in January 2019 during a fundraiser in support of the Canadian Center to End Human Trafficking. She has donated her art to various fundraisers and local businesses. Her art has found home in Nova Scotia, Ontario, USA and Poland.

You can find her on Instagram @teardropsfromheavenart. Soon some of her pieces will be available to purchase locally at Sparkles N Sawdust on 1574 Argyle St. Halifax.

Artist Statement:

My paintings are inspired by the healing power and beauty of nature that surrounds us. I’m fascinated with space and the unimaginable beauty it contains. Painting lets me escape the pain and darkness within me. Thus my art is about putting my emotions on a canvas by using colour, movement and depth.

I hope that my art can bring peace and color to those who suffer physically, mentally, or are otherwise exhausted from this fast-paced life. Since my own grief is a constant, invisible companion, I try to give what I can to those who suffer in silence. I believe that even when we are in the depths of darkness, and not able to do much, we still have the power to be kind. Thus, a large number of my art is donated or given to those who need a little bit of colour in their life. Money from sold pieces is turned into art supplies so that I can continue creating and giving back whenever I can.