Featured Artist for July 2023 – Gaston Comeau

Gaston Comeau (Atmospheric seascapes painter)

I am a self-taught artist living in Crescent Beach (Lunenburg County), Nova Scotia. My work is primarily in acrylics as an ongoing experiment with context, texture and colour. I use a vibrant palette to uplift the heart, mind and spirit.

Most of my artwork straddles the gap between representation and abstraction to evoke balanced tension between real and imagined seascapes, both above and below the water’s surface. It is informed by lifelong observations from living by the ocean and its shores.

I have developed a style of atmospheric abstraction in which I seek to depict not only the seascapes themselves, but also unique unseen elements that define them. Using the structural elements of water and light, I attempt to reinterpret the language of seascape painting by capturing these two elements with a bold approach to shapes, composition and colour theory.

Website: gastoncomeauart.com
Instagram: gaston_comeau_art