Featured Artist for June 2018 – Cara Wedgbrow


British-Canadian Cara Wedgbrow is the director and self-taught artisan behind The Glass BakeryTM. The Glass Bakery is best known for its collectable cheerful signature shorebird and backyard bird ornaments; simple, iconic shapes, colours and patterns capturing the individual characteristics of each species. Homeware designs are inspired by natural themes, in particular a fondness and affinity for dogs, birds, wildlife and the landscapes and shorelines of the North Atlantic Ocean. The Glass Bakery’s core is a life inestimably shaped by a dog affectionately called “H”.

Cara’s medium is powdered and crushed glass. She enjoys creating light-hearted designs with translucent colouring and soft pattern edges. Alongside the amiable series of birds, Cara is developing a contrasting experimental portfolio of one-of-a-kind table top art panels created using a palette knife technique. These panels have a painterly feel despite being created from 100% glass and feature an eclectic mix of wildlife, fantasy animals and oceanscapes! All designs are made using coloured “fusing” glass – no paints or glazes!!

Web address: www.theglassbakery.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/theglassbakery
Instagram: @theglassbakery

I have art pieces in Art1274 Hollis, Halifax (www.art1274hollis.ca) until the end of June and in Twelve Acre Hill Gallery, Seabright (www.twelveacrehill.com)