Featured Artist for March 2020 – Katharine Burns


Katharine Burns is known for her realistic representations of the ocean on canvas. Her oil paintings convey a sense of immersion into the subject of water as she depicts the eternally changing elements of the sea. Her large-scale seascapes manage to capture the dramatic and evocative nature of the ocean in all of its temperaments, whether it be a powerful crashing wave or a serene blue expanse.

Katharine was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Halifax, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in oil painting.  Today, she maintains her connection with the ocean, practicing her art and drawing inspiration from her surroundings on the East Coast of Nova Scotia.

Artist’s Statement

Observing the ocean often brings thoughts of contemplation and reflection. It creates feelings of awe, wonder and inspiration. It can console us or it can intimidate us. Being in its presence brings instinctual and emotional responses. I try to interpret these responses in my paintings while capturing the ever-changing, constantly shifting patterns of light and colour that embody its physical qualities. I am trying to paint the ocean itself, in its persistent motion, boundless energy, and eternal mass. Attempting to capture such a complex element is an all-consuming endeavour but one that I pursue with fervour.