Featured Artist for March 2023 – Megan MacDonald


Megan MacDonald is a textile artist living in the HRM area of Nova Scotia. Her primary medium and passion is working with fibre by combining weaving and traditional macrame for her pieces. Megan finds inspiration through colour palettes, nature, and her love for trending interior design. When not working her 9-5 corporate job, Megan uses her spare time to pursue her textile art passion.

Megan has been a creative soul since she was young, getting her hands on all sorts of crafts and excelling in art classes throughout school. It wasn’t until Christmas 2020 that she picked up macrame via an online tutorial. She instantly fell in love with the craft and was eager to develop her skills and find her unique style in the fibre art community. From there, she started her business, Modern Knots, in early 2021 and has sold pieces across North America ever since.

You can find Megan’s art online at www.Modernknots.ca or via Instagram and Facebook at @modernknots_