Featured Artist for May 2020 – Erika Hogue

Erika Hogue

Erika Hogue I am a life-long mixed media artist incorporating old books, rust, foil, and other reused elements into my paintings. My most recent body of work focuses on faces that are found on the internet, from photographs and sometimes I use my own face. I draw using blind contour methods to add emotion and honesty to the work and to create a more dynamic image. These drawings are painted on torn paper, books, magazine and other materials until they complete themselves. I also work in collage and create smaller works on book paper incorporating the human figure and often draw on a narrative of women’s roles or contemplate how women are perceived. I have a BA in Art History and a Certificate in Interior Design. I am just as comfortable working on a small scale as I am a very large work but I love paper and paper-borne arts. Somehow I always surrender myself back to working on paper as a material even though I have worked in metal smithing, ceramics, oils and sculpture. Art is a puzzle I am endlessly trying to solve.

email: mixed.media@live.com