Featured Artist for September 2018 – Michelle Heron

Wire Sculpture by Michelle started in the fall of 2014 and has grown from working with galvanized wire to high end stainless steel wire. Working with wire has been tricky and I have learned a lot through the years to get the shape right. Lots of scratches and scrapes are a part of the sculpturing process. I look forward to creating lots of new and exciting pieces of sculpture that capture the essence of fairy! (faerie)

Wire Fairies are so unique and beautiful and I have been inspired by many wire artists. When I saw a post on Facebook from a friend and it was from a very well known wire artist Robin Wight ( Fantasywire in the UK) I went to his website and followed his directions that he had posted. From that point on I have taught myself more and more and have found my style. Every wire sculpture that I have done has never been the same. I don’t think I could make 2 exactly the same

Bringing the fairy to life is exciting and when the last phases of detail are done, it is an amazing feeling. It feels like what I saw in my head came to fruition and that brings me great satisfaction as an artist.

Micheel’s website is http://wirefairys.com/